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Access to Primary Care

Janice M. Hudson, M.D.

Have you ever called for a doctor's appointment when you were sick? How often are you told the next available appointment is more than 2 weeks from now? You are often referred to a nurse practitioner or an urgent care for any acute problems. The urgent care physician or nurse practitioner does not know you or your medical needs. Many primary care physicians are employees of large hospital associated practices with little input into their schedules. These large practices except acute appointment will be seen by mid-level providers.

As a child, I clearly remember seeing our family doctor when I was sick. He even made a house call to see my very sick father. My parents paid the doctor directly and filed with insurance if our costs exceeded the deductible for the year. Doc had one employee, no insurance department and no referral department. He was available to return phone calls the same day and took his time at each of the visits.

If you wonder whether this type of physician office still exists, the answer is YES. Direct primary care offices like Hudson Family Care are returning to a patient first philosophy without interference from insurance companies or government. At Hudson Family Medicine, patients who join this practice are guaranteed same day or next day appointments. Member patients also enjoy direct access to the physician via cell phone, text or email. Patient issues can often be resolved by phone.

If you would like to know more about Hudson Family Medicine book a free 15 minute introductory visit to meet the doctor. You may book online or call 850-226-6803.

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