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Membership Fees

Age Based

  • Initial registration and visit fee, $185 one time fee.

  • Newborn through 19 years, $25/month with a parent's membership.

  • 20 through 44 years, $50/month for an individual membership.

  • 45 through 64 years, $70/month for an individual membership.

  • 65 and over and Medicare eligible: Will be billed via Medicare, but membership benefits are not included..

  • Employer groups with 3+ employees, $60/month per patient.

Note: Included in membership is a host of benefits including unlimited office visits free telemedicine visits and 24/7 access to your doctor via cell phone and text. Members enjoy the ability to resolve many issues over the phone that a traditional practice would request an office visit to discuss.

Fee Per Visit

Non-member Patients Fees


  • New Patient  Office Visit                                                           $185.00

  • Established Patient Office Visit                                                  $ 99.00

  • Work/school/sports physical                                                       $ 59.00 

  • Simple laceration repair                                                             $299.00 

  • Annual wellness visit                                                                 $180.00

  • Telemedicine consult for primary care                                       $ 99.00

  • New Medical marijuana appointment                                        $250.00

  • Medical marijuana renewal appointment.                                  $150.00          

Additional costs of supplies may apply to above prices.                             

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